Ancor Marine Grade Primary Wire and Battery Cable


  • 18 Feet of Black 14 AWG marine grade wire
  • Manufactured from individual copper strands and tinned to perform in the harshest marine environments
  • Ultra-flexible Type 3 stranding resists fatigue from vibration and provides added corrosion protection
  • Exceeds all UL 1426, US Coast Guard Charter boat (CFR title 46) and ABYC standards
  • They are constructed with premium vinyl insulation that is rated at 600 volts, 105 deg C dry and 75 deg C wet, stays flexible even in extreme cold (-40 deg F/C) and resists salt water, battery acid, oil, gasoline, heat, abrasion and ultra-violet radiation



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Ancor Marine Grade Primary Wire is manufactured from tinned copper stranding for maximum protection against corrosion and electrolysis. Ultra-flexible (Type 3) stranding helps prevent fatigue due to vibration and flexing. Ancor's proprietary premium vinyl insulation stays flexible even in extreme cold (-40° F/ -40° C) and resists salt water, battery acid, oil, gasoline, and ultraviolet radiation. The wire's exclusive insulation is rated at 600 volts, 221° F / 105° C dry and 167° F / 75° C wet, and is engineered to withstand heat and abrasions. Exceeds all UL 1426, US Coast Guard Charter boat (CFR Title 46), and ABYC standards.

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ancor is the best wire made but be aware of how you will get it. i have ordered many spools mostly large and i would say 60 percent look like this when arrived see the photo thats a 1000 foot spool's of 10 gauge. if you like a good puzzle then your in for a treat. this takes a few hours to respool and almost never get it done without cutting

This is nice wire, but before you start your job, pull all of the wire off of the spool and measure it. I ordered a 25 foot spool of this wire. What I received was not even close to 25'. It was more like 16 - 17 feet. I used it to wire the power to my electric trailer brakes. When I was 2/3 of the way done with the wiring, I realized that I was not going to have enough wire to complete the job. Of course at that time I could not return it because I had cut it and installed most of it in my truck. I had to go to the local hardware store and buy additional wire and splice it to the end of this wire. After completing everything, I measured the wire that I had installed. The entire run was a little over 20 feet. I should have had close to 5 feet left over.

Ancor wire is the highest quality wire for marine or automotive use that I have used. It is very flexible, has a thick, tough insulation, and strips perfectly. It seems very resistant to internal corrosion compared to non-tinned wire. Side note: if you have some flexibility on the roll length and insulation color of the wire, try toggling through the different options offered through Amazon's selector. The prices usually vary widely between different colors, and buying a longer roll isn't always cheaper.

Purchased 100' spool of red 12 awg.
The good:
It's copper. NOT copper clad aluminum. The reviewer who said it's cca may not know that the strands are tinned, making them appear silver in color.
True awg wire.
Individually tinned 30awg strands in a standard rope lay.
Fairly flexible.
Marine grade spec wire.
Spool arrived unbroken.
Much cheaper than buying from local west marine store.

The bad:
Not as flexible as some other soft silicone jacketed wire, but this is pvc jacketed for marine use, so it's not unexpected and not really a bad thing. I'm saying that in case you are expecting a super soft, limp, wet pasta style wire.
The printing on the insulation jacket is small and hard to read, but my tired wore out eyes may have a part to play in that. Still, white print on a red glossy jacket material is not optimal.

Overall 9.9/10
Will buy again!

Quality American made wire.
For wiring saltwater boats and beach buggies, I use nothing but Ancor.
Have used Ancor wire many years, I've used close to a mile of it and it has never failed.
Unless you properly insulate the terminals, this wire will fail like every copper wire made.
Adhesive lined heat shrink is very important in protecting your connections.
All my terminals are tinned.
I solder and use adhesive lined heat shrink on all my terminals and have never had a corrosion or oxidation problem.
I know when I use this wire I will never have to rewire.
Use Ancor and waterproof you connections, 10 maybe 20 years from now, you'll be glad you did.

I recently ordered two spools of 16 AWG wire (two different colors.) I noticed when unboxing them that they were off -- one was a lot heavier than the other (625g vs 724g.) It turns out after measuring them that one roll was 93 ft and the other was 108 ft. That's a lot of variety, and it was a disappointment to not have two 100 ft rolls.

The wire is fine, but the quality control is disappointing.

The wire is best quality. But when I buy 25 foot of wire I expect 25 ft of wire. I was wiring up a wench for the rear of my 2005 Toyota Pre Runner . I routed the wire from the battery box on the drivers side under the hood, down the fire wall and along the frame. I had ran a 5 bundle # 14 wire previously and had that bundle held in place with metal straps screwed into the underside sheet metal. So the new wire was threaded along side and thru the straps. I did not measure the unrolled wire from the spool, but had estimated I would use 15 feet on the job and have another 10 feet left for other projects. When I finished wiring my truck up with this wire there was maybe a foot on either end left. So my guess is I paid for 25 feet of wire at $1.00 a foot and only got 15 feet of wire. So I hope they read this and either pay me for the 10 feet I didn't get or refund me the $10.00. If anyone has had similar problems let me know.

No, it isn't a solid wire, it is stranded. I just had to make a play on words, well, because...
This is probably a little heavy for my needs (I could get by with 18 Ga.), but I wanted a good, all around wire for 12V applications. This suited me fine. I figured tinned wire would hold up better for use in a Kayak.
The wire has a nice, heavy jacket, and only melts a little when you solder it in,lol. Overall, I'm well pleased with my purchase.
***As always, I have neither asked for, nor received, any compensation for my review. This is my own, un-biased opinion. (And lots of it!)***

Pre tinned 18 gauge marine standard wiring, Used to add separate power to my Motorcycle heated clothing. Easy to use, and solder, good quality insulation, should keep my heated kit running on the bike all year round. Its a bit expensive, and took a few days to arrive.

Good product, good delivery

Good corrosion resistant cable. I cut it, crimped lugs onto it and used the cables in parallel to my old 0 gauge cables to tie large 2 volt cells together into a battery and then over to a power inverter. All seems to be working well with quite minimal voltage drop on the system when large loads are applied.

Used in re-wiring my boat. Being flexible, it pulls easily through winding passages and solders onto the terminals well. The solder soaks back into the cable a bit to reinforce the termination and make it stronger especially in the heavier gauge wire. The insulating sheath takes heat well. Two thumbs up!

I found the fine conductors to be a bit big for a standard, solid wire, stripper. I bought #12 wire and my Klein stripper nicks the conductors. Not good, if using it in a vibration environment. It can lead to premature strand breakage. Someone needs to make a stripper for stranded wire. Otherwise, this is really nice wire. CSA rated type TEW , so you should be good to go for wiring equipment that has to pass Canada Code as well.

Bought this as I'll be doing some wiring on my motorcycle and find that non tinned wire can corrode over time. Nothing really special to say about the product. Still haven't started using it yet but I'm sure it will meet my expectations.

Great wire for a great price! Costs one third of price of wire of similar size rolls from online electronic companies! Flexible for my uses!

Son exactamente como los describió el vendedor y llegaron rápido y sin contra tiempos, estoy muy contento con mi compra.

Came as advertised. Used for hooking up solar panels

Seems to be good weather proof wire. I use mine for my solar setup and so far no signs of wear.

Used it for a buried gas line tracer wire.

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Utilisé pour relier mes 2 panneaux solaires de 135w/12V à mon système de batteries sur mon voilier. Amélioration + + de la vitesse de rechargement des batteries

It's marine grade wire, it has sheathing, and tinned copper conducter. No complaints.